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URL Redirect

URL Redirect

Url Rewrite/Redirect Odoo App for customize Website Url

Introduction :

We cover following points for

Url Rewrite/Redirect :

(2) Tips and tricks for

Url’s rewriting

(4) Main differences between

URL Rewrite and redirect


How to Rewrite URLs in website :

Use the following checklist to implement Odoo Website URL rewriting.


Website URL Rewriting

depends on the web server chech that Check That It’s Supported. Not all Web servers support

URL rewriting.

(2) plan your apporch , Create Your Rewrite Rules. …

(3) Check Your Pages.

(4) Change Your URLs.

(5) Automatically Redirect Your Old URLs.

(6) Update and Resubmit Your Site Map.


Tips and Tricks for Odoo website Url rewrite/Redirect :

(1) Add or Remove Trailing Slash, ID

(2) Use Lower Case URLs

(3) Canonical Hostnames

(4) Redirect to HTTPS

(5) Rewrite/Redirect Based on query string parameter in website


Following are the features of the Website Url rewrite/Redirect Odoo module

(2) Add / Edit / Delete

Single URL redirect

for ecommerce and other odoo website
(6) Remove from catalog product,

Category URL

to make it SEO Friendly
(7) Feature to rewrite product public category

URL in bulk

(8) Feature to manage category hierarchy along with

product URL on Website.

(9) To add a suffix for

product public category URL.


Difference between URL Rewrite and redirect

(1) A

Website URL Redirect

is a client-side request to have the web browser go to another URL.

(2) This means that the URL that you see in the browser will update with new URL.

(3) A

Website rewrite Url

manage at server-side or in admin to rewrite of the URL before it’s fully processed


How to download Odoo Website URL Redirect/Rewrite module

(1) You can download

Odoo Website Multiple URL Rewrite module

from odoo app store and click on the link mention below

Odoo Website Redirect/Rewrite Module :

Download website url redirect/rewrite module odoov14 :


Download website url redirect/rewrite module odoov13 :


Download website url redirect/rewrite module odoov12 :


Download website url redirect/rewrite module odoov11 :


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