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Update your odoo version with odoo 15


Introduction :

Odoo is one of the easiest and comprehensive erp solution. Which Improve your efficiency of your business. Once you know more about odoo then you will find most amazing features for enhance your business and reach at new heights of your success. odoo is one of the best erp solution for fastest growing your business.
Now in odoo erp solution odoo introduced new versions every year. In 2021 year odoo launch latest version of odoo that is calles odoo version 15. in this version odoo made some changes in old odoo versions features and also introduced some new features for better users experience. If you want to grow your business in a effective and faster manner then this is the best time to

upgrade your old odoo version with odoo v15

Aagaminfotech provide

best odoo version migration and upgradation services

. In such type of services we provide

odoo old verison migration and upgradation

. In this migration services we provide

odoo v14 to odoo v15 migration


odoo v13 to odoov15 migration


odoo v12 to odoov15 migration


odoov11 to odoov15 migration


odoov10 to odoo v15 migration

. Do you still using old odoo versions now lets take one step towards

version upgradation

and make our business more effective.
Lets discuss in a short term about

migration and upgradation

terms :
Now lets we discuss about

what is upgradation and migration process ?


odoo version migration or upgradation process

it Is divided into two terms one is

data migration

and second is

odoo module migration

. this terms of


helps you to grow your business in a fastest manner.

Further, we briefly discuss about

data migration


odoo module migration


In every business companies data is major source. Any company can not afford their important operational data in the process of upgradation. in every company data will require migration of new version for smooth and faster process flow. In this data migration terms company migrate and upgrade their data in forms of charts, tables. Contacts and many more.

odoo module migration

terms companies can update their odoo app to the latest version. Every Companies have to develop their apps and modules for specific purposes. This Apps and modules can not working smoothly and speedily with older version. that’s why every companies have to

migrate and upgrade their odoo apps and modules

for smooth and speedy workflow .in

odoo Modules version migration

is must required for better performance of apps.

After understanding of migration now its time to discuss about

why we needs odoo version 15 migration ?

Aagaminfotech present best answer for this question Every year odoo launch a latest version with some new features and some customization in old features.
In this present era every business face multiple problems related to software at grass route level. Odoo is reviving its latest version with local solution with addition of security development, software development with upgradation of new and old features and best compatible with different applications.
In newest odoo version 15 odoo also update and develop a quality of software. in this odoo latest version odoo removed some oldest features. in

odoo all version updated

with aim of best user experience. Still you are operate your apps and modules with oldest version of odoo then you must

update your odoo version and migrate your odoo version with odoo 15

for faster performance of apps and modules.
Now we can truly understand about reason of migrate our odoo version odoo v15 now lets discuss

what’s new in odoo v15 ?

in odoo v15 odoo implement some new features and also do some update in old odoo features.


New screen for import in odoo v15
New import screen introduce in odoo new v15. In new import screen odoo introduce separate menu for managing cash rounding with the help of this user can easily manage accounting and invoicing this new import screen are implemented in all odoo applications and odoo modules.


Edit and adjust options in pivot and graphs views
Odoo 15 introduced powerful options in pivot and graphs views in this powerful option odoo 15 include edit and adjust options in pivot and graphs views. By using edit and adjust option in graphs view user can improve their presentation of data and take valuable decision.


New html editor in odoo v15
Odoo v15 come with new html editor this new html editor is looks same as text editor so user can use this new html editor to enhance their productivity.


Powerful Purchase management
Odoo v15 also include a capable purchase management. this is another new and helpful feature in odoo v15. in this purchase dashboard user can get a best view of purchase dashboard. In this purchase dashboard user get all new graphs,charts and statics. In this flexible purchase dashboard in odoo user can provide taxable and non taxable whole amount.got to reapportioning tab and click on odoo v15 and you will get capable purchase management dashboard.


Newly designed e-commerce page
In new odoo v15 we will get fresh designed e-commerce page with new appearance. In this new e-commerce page user can add description of product, facility of add to cart and several modules for payment and more. in new e-commerce page user can get the facility to add description of products so its been very easy to identify the usage of various products.


Project burn down chart
In Odoo V15 user can find user can find easy tool for reporting actual project progress chart. this chart will help the user to identify the actual progress and situation of the project


lead management and website builder are Redesigned
Odoo v15 introduced lead management and website builder with new design. by using this newly designed website builder user can make website with an easier and faster manner. In Redesigned lead management in odoo user get new gmail addon that allows user to create leadership directly.


POS and Coupon Promotion Programme
In older version Coupon Promotion Programme are only available for sales and e commerce website but in new odoo version 15 coupan promotion programs are also available in POS. User can enable POS programs and also generate the coupon promotion programms in POS option use enter code button.


New desigend Inventory Adjustment view
In new odoo v15 one of the best effective feature is newly designed inventory adjustment view. In this newly designed inventory adjustment view user can see timestamp of various products. with the help of this feature in odoo v15 user can see current situation of sales, Purchase and so on. In fresh new designed inventory adjustment view user get difference tool for recognize amount of stock left in inventory which is based on profit and loss of business.


New Command and command editors
Odoo v15 include User can easily determine invoices in account configuration in odoo v15 with the help of this new command and command editors
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upgrade your odoo version with new odoo v15

and use

new amazing feature of odoo v15

for fast and smooth work flow .
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