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Amaze Dynamic odoo dashboard : Your Odoo Dashboard, Your Style!

Odoo dashboard

 is like a magic window for your business that gives you a quick glance at how things are going in your business , one place for all that you can customize according to your liking. It’s also like the control center of the Odoo ERP software, where everything important related to your business comes together in a visual and easy to understand way and our company Aagaminfotech provides you with one such amazing

odoo dashboard

 named as

Amaze odoo dashboard

Now, you will think : What is

Amaze odoo dashboard

You can think of

Amaze odoo dashboard

 as your business’s magic window that gives you a quick look  at a personalized screen that shows you all the important information of how things are going in your business and all in one place that you can customize according to your liking and preference.
With the help of

Best odoo dashboard

, you can create odoo CRM dashboard, odoo POS dashboard, Inventory Stock dashboard, Sales odoo dashboard, Accounting dashboard, Invoice dashboard, Employee dashboard, Project Dashboard for any type of odoo business model and Unlock the amazing power of customization that comes with the Amaze Odoo Dashboard module.
  But now, I am sure that you will have a question in mind about our amazing

odoo dashboard

 something as..
Well, that’s an obvious question and the reason is because you should choose the best for your business! And to make that sure let’s discuss some amazing highlights and features that comes with our

latest dynamic odoo dashboard


Built in features :

Imagine having

ready to go odoo dashboards

for your business and each having cool features like tiles, pie charts, horizontal charts, line charts, bar charts, area charts and even doughnut charts and the amazing part? you can simply customize them according to your choice


Responsive Dashboard:


all in one amaze odoo dashboard

 can be considered as your screen friendly companion! So whether you’re on a big desktop or a tiny smartphone, it supports all types of screens. It’s got your back by making sure that your

dynamic dashboard

 looks fantastic regardless of screen size.


Beautiful UI :

Having an

Amaze odoo dashboard

 is like having a magic wand for your business’s odoo dashboard’s visual appeal! You can pick the perfect color for your title, play with background shades as well as choose the icons and do all that without any extra effort.


Big screen supported :


Top odoo dashboard

 plays nicely like a chameleon that effortlessly adapts all your gadgets..be it your trusty cellphone, that amazing sleek tablet, your compact laptop, the spacious desktop screen or even your large living room TV.


Drag and Drop option :

With our

Odoo All in One Dynamic Dashboard

 You get the power to play the role of designer by using the “Edit Layout” option to drag and resize your charts lists.


Multiple charts types supported :

Now, Pick the chart flavor you like! Now with the

Best charts options for data presentation

 choose the chart according to your mood from Pie Chart, Horizontal chart, Line chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart. o.


Easy configurable Amaze Odoo Dashboard :

Easy setting up personalized dashboards for Sales, CRM, POS, Inventory, Invoice, Account, Employee, Purchase, Project. But it does not work just for dashboards, but also works for charts & graphs, in the

Best odoo dashboard

 filter to see the exact data you want.


 Amaze odoo Dashboard support :

Amaze odoo dashboard

 supports both the Community and Enterprise. It is available with odoo V16, V15, V14, V13, V12, V11 versions.
Yet another question that you will have after purchasing our

All in one Amaze odoo dashboard


how to install/ how to set up

well at Aagaminfotech we have got your back here too! :
How to install and set up :

all in one amaze odoo dashboard

So when it comes to Installing and setting up

Amazing Odoo dashboards

 it’s an easy process, if you’re not a tech whiz you can still do it yourself. We’ve made it simple for you! Plus, we’ve got you covered with a YouTube demo video and if you want a live demo, for you we provide that too! So now just be ready for making your

Odoo Dashboard

 come alive!

Ask us for a free Demo ? business@aagaminfotech.com

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